The Identity Tape

by AxLe

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    The identity Tape features beats from my favorite producers with a few lil added samples on my part to make the identity tape feel whole. The title is self explanatory, while i explore identity in the music scene. Cover Art by me.




released April 15, 2010

Nicolay, N.E.R.D., Hezekiah, Flying Lotus, J Dilla, The Roots




AxLe Springfield

{rican and Trini racial mix} graduated bachelors! nex step, HIP HOP! Im an emcee, artist, Martial Artist, former track runner ,In love w/Pink Floyd & HIP HOP

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Track Name: The Love Letter To Hip Hop (prod. Hezekiah)
The first semester of Our being together, Constitutes
a higher learning of a better love, better with a love
letter, wetter is better not really said the tears of, of experience, the letter grade said I got an A, The one you dippin with got an A+ plus, I didnt agree with the same circumstance, for a better chance, I save my money invest on a BOOK ON "HOW TO BE A DICK FOR DUMMIES" and I think you love me, but tonight they say its gunna storm...but but you dont wanna let our love pour, war is what your askin for, like the speakerboxx, but the lovebelow suggested that we kiss miss! and I miss us, but you miss you! Lonlay is where you wanna stay HEY, cuz commited is a life sentence..yes, you dont wanna stay arrested handcuffed to my testimony or alimony, describin up a love scene of you and me, becuz you murdered me, with the knife that I wanna borrow, and I better beg if I wanna see her tommorow, see, obsession now will swallow me whole, and have trapped inside of home and check into a hotel with a whole lot of "holy hell i ain't feelin so well" and for that I got you to blame, and yes its been like this for a couple of months and I think the radio love song now tease me enough, yes hip hop you tease me enough!
Track Name: On Our Way Home (prod. Flying Lotus)
After lime light blinds you with truth
and after camera flashes snatches up the youth
the proof is documented in your heart
cuz never should a rapper sound smart
god forbid if that ever should start
departed cold hearted fame keeps you warm
and fame needs a bigger umbrella jus 4 the storm
cuz the rain never stops when your hiding at the top
creativity has to drop if you wanna blow up pop

off to sky where your riding so high
and the girls are nicer
cuz you got a little icer
and its hard to recognize him his mother can oblige
and its hard to disguise all the changes in his lives

you have to live a double life to get a double take
masquerade the raps if you wanna make a break
Im on my way back im standing all alone
keep it real god screams on the phone so now im on my way home....

And on my trip on a gloryfied high despised am I
with my , my gold silk tie and Im outkast fresh and so clean i mean
the style is alil bit upseen Ive seen rivers on
a kay tip , swimmin and dippin
in cash flashforward it fast to seee a lemonade yellow like path and a mellow fellow
a smooth masshole devil with the trebel or the trouble

the girls say he handsome and familiar
well i feel ya, look into the mirror-a we see a lil clear-a

ofcourse you cant spell sex appeal without x to feel the verse

dispersed into the vibes without the changin ur mind

you can diss the flow cuz im forever fine

if you missed it all I can spit it one more time

jus hit the back button and time will rewind

or rewinded the reasons i cant find it

earth wind and fire so the elements are behind it

reminded my self why im here jus to rhyme sick with style and no fear i reappearatmosphere

im in the air, in your oxygen with truth in you rear for the new year

make it back home no corruption to the blood. rhyme dope, rhyme clear get, cash disapperar , I was never here!
Track Name: Identity Crisis (prod. J Dilla)
Well i think i am the man, Well at least that was their plan, They take my mind molded it to make me what I am, To bath me in money and to dry me with cash! Hand cuffed labels wanna change you up fast, fast forward out the dream, interrupted with a gleam with a beam of light that seems if I cut me out their seams in their pants and the dreams wouldn't be a glance in their pocket or their wallet and my rockets on high cant reach me with a lie!

Yes, cuz its all manipulation, i did thee equation just to multiply the patience and the patients get sicker, Im the doctor at your hospital, speakin pretty logical, my rhymes are biological with topics microscopic, nostalgic when I drop it , coughing gets chronic and I cant drop it when i rock it cuz..cuz

Theres no room to retire, with this fire growin, growin higher and higher, and the liars stay liars so im fighting desire and, Im fighting this phase where Im stuckin in a daze and Im in here for days with money signs over my eyes like shades, glazed over with a splash of fame,

becuz they say be care ful wat you wish for mr mass appeall gives you more than u asked for!